How to use Fileburst CDN for web site acceleration or to speed up web page loading?
24 February 2013 12:11 PM

You can use Fileburst CDN to speed up your web page loading by caching all the static content (images, HTML, JS, CSS, etc) on our CDN. For best performance, you can cache your web site content on our HTTP Small Objects platform that uses flash memory to cache and deliver small objects (smaller than 1 MB) at ultra high speed. This feature is available for our Plus and Premium customers at no extra charge and it only takes about 15-30 minutes to set up and update all your web page links.

Here are the steps to configure the website caching to Fileburst CDN:

1. Login to your Fileburst Control Panel and click on "Manage CDN"

2. Go to "HTTP Small Objects - Customer Origin" menu

3. Add your website's hostname, e.g. "" in the the "Directory Name", "Hostname" and "HTTP Host Header" fields.

3. Go to "HTTP Small Objects - Edge Cnames" menu

4. Add the domain alias you want to use for this cache hostname, e.g. "" in the "Edge Cname" field.

5. For "Origin Directory", select "Customer Origin" and set it to load from "/xxxxx/" then click "Add".

6. Go to your webhost's DNS panel and add this CNAME in your domain's DNS zone:   CNAME     so.<your_fileburst_account_username>

7. Wait for one hour (CDN propagation time), then you can start updating your website links to load your static content from ""



When caching your content, our CDN will honor the cache-control settings (similar to DNS' TTL = time to live) on the origin server (your website - You can use .htaccess to set the cache-control at 15 minutes, so the CDN will know that all content be checked every 15 minutes for updates. I'd suggest not to set this too low either, otherwise it will put a heavy DNS traffic load on your web server.

This is how you set the cache-control to 15 minutes (equals to 900 seconds) in your ".htaccess" file:

        Header set Cache-Control "max-age=900, must-revalidate"



If you need to purge/load content manually to all edge servers, just go to the "HTTP Large/Small Objects - My Edge" menu. We give you complete control over your content on all the edge servers.

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